5 Summer Reading Tips to Prevent Summer Brain Drain with your Preschooler

As a parent of a preschooler, you know the importance of early literacy. By using these five reading tips, you can encourage the development of those skills all summer long. The school year is over, but that doesn’t mean the learning has to stop. These tips will help you provide summer enrichment for your preschooler.

Explore the alphabet

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Get your child reading early

Letters and sounds are fundamental to a preschool student. They are the building blocks upon which one learns to read. They are also the first step towards being able to form syllables and words. Parents can introduce their children to the alphabet in a variety of fun and engaging ways. There are plenty of alphabet toys, puzzles, games and activities available. You can choose some of these as preschool enrichment during the summer. However, you can also talk about the alphabet in much simpler ways. Letters are everywhere: on signs, in books, on computer games and TV shows. Wherever you see them, you can point them out to your child, and soon, you’ll notice that he or she is recognizing them and pointing them out to you. Interact with the alphabet at every opportunity to help your preschooler understand that letters and words are all around us

Read in rhyme

According to Scholastic, a children’s book publisher and authority on education, one proven technique that many preschool teachers use for early literacy is to read books that rhyme. Rhyming words teach phonemic awareness and word families in a fun way. You can use this same strategy as a preschool parent. Recite well-known nursery rhymes with your child. Point out how words can sometimes begin differently but end with the same sound. Maybe even work on memorizing some of these rhymes if your child hasn’t already. You can also choose preschool books with rhyming and repetitive words to read together. Your child will begin to pick out the rhymes and to recite the repeated parts of the story along with you. Don’t be afraid to read and re-read the same rhymes until this happens.

Make reading fun

Summer is a great time for fun, and learning happens naturally when parents and children are enjoying it together. Choose books that you think will be interesting for your child. Read in a silly voice or use puppets to act out the story. Engage your child by giving him or her the opportunity to play with the story. Maybe the two of you want to act it out or make a go-along craft. You can also change the location where you generally read to make it extra special. Read outside or while your child is in the bath tub for example. Keeping reading fun and exciting is a great way to encourage a love of books in your preschooler, and to further his or her early literacy skills.

Point out features of books

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Find books that will be fun to read

When you read to your child, use your finger as a guide to follow along with the words. Using your finger helps children learn how reading works. According to PBS, a leader in children’s programming, knowing that reading moves from top to bottom and left to right, is a key milestone of early literacy. You can model this for your child by interacting with the book as your read. You can also point out certain words and letters, and show the title and author. Knowing both directions of reading and parts of the book will become an important factor as your child moves through preschool and beyond.

Read with your local library

Reading together can be a wonderful experience. Like Many libraries the Jackson District library hosts a summer reading program. Kids are encouraged to read during the summer to keep the learning that happens in school fresh in their minds. They can earn rewards for their reading accomplishments, and it’s a great opportunity to find new favorite books and to meet new friends. There are often book-related activities going on as well, and librarians are great sources of information on preschool reading books.

Summer is a fantastic time for reading and working on other early learning skills with your child. Then, in the fall, if you’re ready for your child to continue the learning at a highly praised, reputable preschool in Jackson, consider contacting us. Hopefully, these reading tips will help you and your child have a spectacular summer.

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