Cool Places to Visit in Jackson, MI with Your Preschooler

Jackson is one of the most interesting cities in South Central Michigan. It has a rich historical and cultural background featuring many attractions and museums. Locals and tourists alike enjoy the beautiful and relaxing city parks and the wide variety of dining and shopping options.

Jackson is a fun city for kids of all ages that even preschoolers will enjoy.  If you are looking for places to visit in Jackson, Michigan, here’s a list to help you get started.

cool places to visit

Grand River ArtsWalk

Up for a stroll? Grand River Artswalk is where you can make the most of your experience in Jackon. Start at Lions Park and then head to the Toy House. This two-mile hike will allow you to enjoy the amazing and relaxing scenery of the Grand River’s banks. You will see colorful projects and works of art in the Arts District, as well as the grounds of an old prison. And before your preschooler enjoys the Lions Park playground, stop and write your names on the large chalkboards outside the Toy House.

The Bounce Castle

Kids enjoy playing and jumping.  At Bounce Castle, kids can climb, jump and slide all they want on a variety of inflatable slides and houses. This is an excellent place for them to meet, play and socialize with other kids which is important for their growth and development. Bounce Castle is also a great venue for kid’s birthday party events.

Falling Waters Trail

Falling Waters Trail is a kid-friendly attraction and an excellent spot to take children for some outdoor activities. This park has designated bike lanes and trails for dogs and even horses. Because physical activity and exercise are highly encouraged even for young children, Falling Waters Trail is a perfect place for them to move around. Some activities here include rollerblading, running, and walking.
cool places to visit

Pierce Park

Pierce Park is home to a large rock which locals paint on special occasions. Here you can find picnic tables where family and friends can gather to enjoy lunch and snacks. There is also a structured children’s playground and wide grassy areas where children can run around and play.

Chelsea Teddy Bear Factory and Toy Museum

All kids love toys and your preschoolers are surely going to have a great time at the Chelsea Teddy Bear Factory and Museum. Chelsea Teddy Bear Factory and Museum offers guided tours where kids can learn and teddy bears being made along with other unique toys. It’s also a great learning experience because they will learn the history behind these toys.

FunTyme Adventure Park

FunTyme Adventure Park is literally one of the coolest places to visit in Jackson. Here you and your kids can enjoy the go-karts, a bowling alley, batting cages and an arcade. And if you are an avid golf fan, you can enjoy playing during the winter months because they have a large, heated dome.

Ella Sharp Museum

The Ella Sharp Museum showcases many interesting historical buildings and artifacts. Here is a museum that children will enjoy because it not only offers art exhibits; but also a planetarium. A trip to Ella Sharp Museum could serve as an inspiration to your youngsters with stunning local artworks from students as young as kindergarten that is displayed here.

These are just some of the wonderful places in Jackson which will not only show preschoolers a fun time but will also give them great learning experiences. And if you are looking for a preschool that values your child’s holistic learning and development, check out our Jackson Preschool.

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