Enjoying the Outdoor Classroom at ABC Academy

The out of doors has no equal when it comes to learning environments. The fresh air, sunshine, grassy expanse, and unencumbered play make the outdoors the perfect classroom. In fact, even rain, snow, clouds, and the heat and cold carry important lessons on planning, resilience, and gratitude.

Celebrating friendship!
Celebrating friendships!

Throughout the year we in the Lansing Avenue PreK embrace the outdoors as an extension of our classroom, but this summer the outdoors will play an even greater role.

Why will we be transitioning to an Outdoor Classroom? In the outdoors, children engage in activities that encourage development in all academic areas.

Our Outdoor Classroom includes an Art Area, Block Area, Book Area, Creation Station,  and Garden Area. We are even planning on adding a Writing Area.

Bigger is better!

Our Outdoor Classroom has all the same components as an indoor classroom, but everything is amplified! Instead of a Sand and Water Table children have a giant sand box, a Water Table, and access to a water spigot. Rather than a 64 square ft. indoor Block Area, students utilize an entire playground to build boats, cars, planes, towers, and walkways with our Outdoor Blocks.

One of the biggest perks is that in the Outdoor Classroom, clean-up is a breeze. Children are able to explore and create at a level that is just not attainable indoors. This summer you will find us in our Outdoor Classroom as often as possible. Your child may get a little dirty, but as they say “the proof is in the pudding”.  And in this case, dirt pudding!

As you can see in the above image,  a group of students decided to celebrate one of their friend’s birthday! They baked a cake in the kitchen behind them, chose whose birthday it would be, and sang happy birthday. This type of advanced pretend play requires the child’s brain to be operating on all cylinders!

Andrew Watson
Andrew Watson


~Andrew Watson
ABC Academy Prekindergarten Teacher

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