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3 Reasons Investing in Your Child’s Preschool Education Beats the Stock Market

You’ve always known that your child’s schooling is important. After all, a good education can help your child be more successful at school and in their future careers. Most important, it can open amazing doors for your child.

The question is, “Does that really start in preschool?” Many parents are afraid that they don’t have the money to invest in a great preschool. Others fear it’s not an option for their family. The truth is, it’s worth it! A great preschool is a more worthwhile investment for your family than the stock market. There are several key reasons why.

Investing in Preschool Education Means You have the Freedom to Invest in Yourself

wallet with money and magnifying glass
Money spent on education is money well spent

You believe in what your child is accomplishing in preschool. You’re dedicated to having them there on time every day. As a result, you’ll be more likely to pursue your own career goals at the same time. Your child is safe, cared for, and advancing their learning. That means you can move forward with your plans guilt-free.

There are plenty of goals and plans that matter to you. You want to improve your career, try out a new job, or advance your education. When you’re able to do those things, you’ll experience greater financial success.

Many mothers can struggle to handle careers with children. They might leave work or miss out on promotions. This often leaves them at a disadvantage in their professional careers. Skills may grow rusty. Certifications lapse or become obsolete. This can make it difficult for many women to gain the job skills they need to advance in their fields. When they do return to the job market, they have a huge gap in their resumes that can be difficult to plug.

Investing in your child’s preschool education means so much more than just building their academic success. The benefits of investing in early childhood education include investing in yourself too. It can help you to achieve your own professional goals as well.

There’s A Huge Return on Investing in Preschool Programs

For every dollar invested in early childhood education, there’s a $10 return for savings in criminal justice and remedial education later in life. While that might not mean a personal payout for your child, it is a substantial increase in the money that you’ve invested. Children in a high-quality preschool education program will find themselves better able to avoid crimes later in life. As well as increase their future learning and get higher-paying jobs. Investing in their education early means that you give them that great start from the very beginning.

One-on-One Interaction your Child Needs to Improve their Later Academic Success

child in front of a pile of books
Children who learn from early on have great advantages

Many children learn better from others than they do from their parents. In some cases, you might not feel completely qualified to instruct your child. Color and letter recognition are a challenge. Teaching early reading skills is even harder! Preschool teachers are invested in your child’s success by giving them the tools they need.

The one-on-one interaction with your child can also help identify a variety of learning problems and disabilities. That means you and your child can deal with them long before they become serious concerns. A qualified Jackson preschool teacher works with children the same age as your child on a regular basis. That means she has a good idea of what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to development. When teachers work with your child, they’ll be able to watch them meet those milestones, and see where they struggle. They’ll already have the tools to help your child move past potential roadblocks and enjoy academic success later in life. Teachers can provide you with information about the screening and accommodations that can help identify real learning problems. This will allow your child to improve their odds of academic success.

Early childhood investment yields big payoff. You may choose to invest in your own child alone. You might opt to invest in better-quality preschool for the whole community. Committing your money to a high-quality education is one of the best ways to help increase overall success. Early childhood development with a high public return means that it’s not just your child who benefits from efforts to improve their preschool. It means that the community benefits together.

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