Learning Letters in the Preschool Classroom

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Reading and writing have become the main curriculum focus of schools throughout the United States. Here at ABC Academy we recognize the imperative of educating children to become competent readers and writers.

In the Preschool Room, we have an integrative approach to reading and writing, weaving the two life skills into activities that engage our students. To do this we use an equation that looks like this: Expectancy x Value = Motivation.

In other words, if children do not find value in what they do or they do not believe they can do it, then they will not be motivated; and without motivation learning either does happen or is minimal.

In this Small Group activity students used jumbo letter stencils to paint letters on paper. Young children are still developing the fine-motor and language skills necessary to form letters. This can lead to frustration as they attempt to imitate their parents, teachers, or older siblings.

Using jumbo stencils gave students the confidence to form letters while fulfilling the value they placed in learning letters and writing. In other words – they loved it and they learned from it! Empowered, students announced each letter they wrote. It was the perfect outlet for gaining letter knowledge!

Andrew Watson
Andrew Watson

Andrew Watson

ABC Academy, Preschool Teacher
BA Elementary Education/ZA Endorsement

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