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5 Important Life Skills for Kids to Learn during School Closures

During school closures or summer vacations, you’d often find children fill their free time with play and more screen time. While this is an excellent time for young kids to take a break from academics and enjoy more of their childhood, it wouldn’t hurt to also help them direct their time into something more relevant – such as learning important life skills.

Besides making sure that our kids receive a good quality education, it’s equally important for parents to ensure that they raise kids equipped with life skills that will help them thrive as an adult. Learning and practicing life skills can help a child in many ways. These skills help them solve the problems they encounter, guide them in their interaction with others, develop their communication and more!

Given these benefits, what are some of the important life skills for kids to learn during school closures?

Communication skills

The ability to interact and effectively communicate with others is one of the most important skills kids can learn at a young age. This skill is what helps them build friendships and good relationships with others. When teaching your little one about effective communication, make sure they understand that it’s a two-way process. It’s not all about getting their message across. It isn’t all about expressing their thoughts and making themselves heard. It’s also about listening and comprehending what other people have to say.

Time management

Teaching kids about time management may seem a little tricky but it’s not that hard to do. It starts with instilling in them a sense of responsibility when it comes to managing their own time. 

For example, rather than letting them wait until you wake them up for school, get them their own alarm clock. Also, consider creating a calendar of activities for them to manage their tasks for school during the weekdays and balance the rest of their activities on the weekends. This will help them keep track of what’s done and not done so they don’t end up missing out on anything.

Decision making skills

The decisions we make today determine what will happen to us in the future. This is why children must be taught how to make wise decisions. 

A good practice of decision making is giving your little one the chance to choose between two things. It can be a choice between pancakes or waffles for breakfast. Or a choice between two books. Or two different outfits to wear.

As you go through this process, don’t forget to explain to them the consequences each decision entails. Help them learn how to rationalize and weigh the advantages and downsides of each choice they are about to make.

Importance of health

Taking care of one’s health is another important life skill kids should learn while young. Talk to your child about the value of good health. Explain to them how healthy eating, adequate exercise and enough sleep can help them avoid unwanted sicknesses. 

Perhaps you can tell them about the negative consequences of not staying healthy. For instance, tell them how eating too much junk food can hurt their stomach. Or how lack of proper hygiene can make it easy to acquire viruses which consequently, may prevent them from going outside and playing with their friends. 

Money management

Your child’s spending habits today will influence their financial health later in life. This is why instilling in them the right attitude toward money is essential. 

Teach your little one the value of money by restraining yourself from giving in to their demands each time they ask for something. Instead, teach them how to budget their allowance. If they wish to buy a toy or other item, encourage them to save up for it. If it’s a bit costly, maybe you can split the cost and have them save up for half the price while you pay for the other half.

By doing this, you are teaching them how to respect the value of money and helping them learn how to set financial goals.

Learning life skills is essential for growing children as it will help them navigate adulthood with greater ease. Be sure to make the most of your child’s vacation to teach them important life skills for kids. 

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