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Top 5 Childcare Safety Tips

For most parents, the safety of their children in a childcare setting is one of their main sources of anxiety. Believe it or not, many parents are more nervous about the first day of preschool and childcare than their kids are. It’s not so unexpected, though. Parents love their children and want them to have fun, happy and safe experiences. While choosing a childcare center dedicated to safety is essential for childcare safety, there are things that parents can do in conjunction with the childcare center that can help keep children safe. Below are some great childcare Safety tips for you to consider.

Health and Sickness

The first childcare safety tip is aimed at preventing the spread of illness and those icky germs that can cause the flu,

Childcare Safety
At ABC Academy Jackson, we are dedicated to heath and hygiene education and safety.

colds and other diseases. The most important thing in preventing the spread of illness and germs is proper hand washing. While many childcare centers have good policies about hand washing, it is important that parents reinforce the importance of hand washing while at home.

Another thing parents can do to ensure childcare safety is to make sure that their child has all the recommended inoculations and immunizations. This will make sure that that your child will not be affected by exposure to certain germs and diseases. Most quality childcare centers have a required list of immunizations for enrollment.

Food Safety

If the childcare center serves meals or snacks, make sure that they are following food service best practices with an eye towards preventing food-borne illness. If your child suffers from a food allergy, make sure that the facility is very aware of your child’s condition and provide the center staff with any emergency medication.

Safe Play

Childcare Safety
Safe Play at ABC Academy Jackson!

Ironically, most accidents and injuries related to childcare safety occur when the children are suppose to be having the most fun. Most of the time, play provides the opportunity for kids to do just that. But there are some safety hazards that need to be taken seriously in any childcare safety review.

Parents should make sure that their children are taught how to avoid common injuries resulting from falls. Make sure your child understands that pushing, shoving and crowding on a playground, especially on a jungle gym or other play equipment can be very dangerous.


Closely related to safe play, it is important to ensure that the facility that your child will spend a lot of time at is designed and constructed with the safety of children in mind. The playground should have safety rails and soft turf or rubber shock absorbing surfaces to prevent falls. The classrooms should be free of any sharp objects and edges and matted to prevent injury. The rooms should be designed so that children can be in the direct line of sight of a teacher or staff member at all times.

Policies and Training

Make sure that the childcare center is dedicated to safety by checking their safety credentials. What are the policies of the center regarding hand washing, safe play, supervisor, food safety facility design? Check all these elements to ensure that your child is being cared for in a safe and nurturing environment.

Childcare Safety at ABC Academy Jackson

At ABC academy Jackson, we are dedicated to ensuring that your child enjoys a fun and safe learning environment. Accredited by the NAEYC, ABC Academy Jackson maintains the highest education and childcare safety standards. Come check out our engaging programs and contact us today!

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